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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Happy Wednesday! It's hard to believe we're halfway through another week, not to mention more than halfway through the month of July. I'm grateful we don't head back-to-school until September, though I know a lot of districts go back next month! What about where you live?

Life has been busy lately, but in a good way. We switched from school schedules to summer mode pretty easily and have found our groove with what I feel is a good mix of extra curricular activities for the girls to look forward to and plenty of free time to just play, explore, splash around, and be a kid. Maybe even a little time to be bored. ;) 

Hadley turned THREE earlier this month and we celebrated with a princess-themed birthday party, at her sweet little request. We invited friends and family to join us for brunch, and about a half hour into the party we had a very special guest: Rapunzel! She had such a great time and is still talking about her party. I know how special she felt!

Not part of her party, but we started the day with sprinkle pancakes!

My chalkboard handywork. ;) I tried.

Princess everything for our little princess.

I turned 32 a couple of days later and we celebrated in my favorite spot: the beach. We played in the sand, ate crab fries, pizza and ice cream, and rode rides on the boardwalk until it was time to head home for bed. I love living within easy day-trip distance to the shore!

I feel like I also owe you guys a Layla update. If you weren't aware, our beloved senior golden retriever had a scary episode of Vestibular Disfunction (basically vertigo) back in March and there were a few very difficult days that followed. She couldn't walk and refused to eat, and as you can imagine, I assumed the worst (and it wasn't pretty... many tears were shed). BUT I am so, so happy to report that Layla girl has been mostly back to herself in the months since. I know she is not a young pup anymore, but I am just so thankful that she recovered and we are able to enjoy walks, playing outside, and plenty of snuggle time.

Shared this on IG - I have the cutest stalkers.

What else? Lots of pool time, yard time, family time, trips to the movie theater and we are starting to think a little about back-to-school. The girls and I went supplies shopping on Monday armed with the list we received at C's kindergarten orientation, and so many of my mom dreams came true in that moment. It was surreal and so fun to see C picking out her own pencil box, scissors, glue sticks, water bottles, etc. She's pumped!

Hadley got a splash pad (similar here) for her birthday and it's been a huge hit!

I've also been majorly nesting already, with the urge to organize all of the things and I couldn't resist a few things for baby girl that I came across lately, like these $5 booties, Hearth & Hand pillow for her nursery, and the softest multi-purpose cover ever.

I hope you've been having the best summer so far, whatever that "best" looks like for you. Have you traveled? Made a point to relax? Tried something new? Seen family and friends?

PS: Stay tuned for this week's Friday Favorites! I'll be sharing a select number of things for women that I love from the always-anticipated Nordstrom sale. I own most of them, so only sharing what I truly would recommend (and a few wish list items that caught my eye). See you then!


  1. I want one of those splash pads for the girls. I see them everywhere. I am so glad that Layla is doing better. We have a busy few weeks coming up, but I am trying to soak in every last second of summer!

    1. They absolutely love it, I would highly recommend one! Same here! I love fall, too, but summer always goes way too fast.

  2. Hadley is adorable.


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