Easter Basket Ideas

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Can you believe Easter is in only a couple of weeks?

To me, one of the most fun parts of being a parent is infusing a little magic into the kids' lives. We don't go too overboard, but whether it be a little confetti trail from the tooth fairy, playing Santa Claus, or filling up Easter baskets and choosing the perfect hiding spot for them (does anyone else do this?!) -- I just have way too much fun.

This year my girls are getting pretty simple baskets inspired by something they actually needed, but I also think they'll be happy to see: new bath towels! C & H have been using the same baby-sized Pottery Barn critter towels for, ohhh, six years now and it was time to upgrade them. I chose this fun superhero towel, and this cute princess towel, and added in some bath poofs. Bath time is one of their favorite things, so I think it'll go over well! 

I also picked up a strawberry growing kit for them from Target, because C has been obsessed with the idea of growing things this spring (which I love!). We're excited to try it out with them. Other than that, their baskets will be filled with a few edible goodies like a classic chocolate bunny, peeps and jellybeans. 

If you're still looking for ideas for your kiddos, I've rounded up some other cute goodies I've spotted (or ones we already have and love!):

Picnic basket purse | How cuuute is this little kids' purse?! I can picture my girls filling it up with the rocks, leaves, and other outdoor "treasures" they collect.

Sunglasses | Can't go wrong with a cute, classic pair of sunglasses for kids. A want and a need!

Melissa & Doug sticker scenes | My kids adore these sticker books -- they seriously keep them busy for a ridiculous amount of time. Great bang for your buck.

Little Critter Easter book | These classic books remind me of my childhood! We have this one and read it all the time.

Kids' gardening tools | Target does it again! Kids will have so much fun "helping" in the garden this spring with this cute little set.

Kite | This is something we don't have, but would be so much fun to try. Perfect to bring to the park or the beach.

Push garden | I thought this idea was so fun and different. My girls are obsessed with the idea of planting things and starting a garden this season, and this little confetti popper spreads a bunch of seeds in one push.

What will be filling your kiddos' baskets this year?


  1. The garden seed popper is a cute idea. I wish I would have seen those before!!!

    1. Aren't they fun?! I had never seen anything like them!


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