Holiday Bucket List 2018 & Our Family Traditions

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Happy Tuesday! TWO more days 'til Thanksgiving... can you believe it? This is my favorite holiday of the year and always has been. The Lucky Lifestyle got its name because I feel lucky every. single. day. and believe recognizing and reveling in your own wonderful fortune is the key to happiness and contentment. It empowers you, and very importantly, that helps you spill over and help/empower others. And a holiday dedicated to giving thanks? I'm so there for it. The company of loved ones and tasty food isn't so bad either. ;)

As much as I love Thanksgiving, I have a confession: I am all aboard the holiday train early this year. We decorated the house (this past weekend...which was so much fun except for the part where Hadley accidentally smashed a snow globe and cut her pinky, poor girl), baked cookies, watched four Christmas movies (not counting all of the cheesy ones I've indulged in on Netflix), painted ornaments, and had Christmas dance parties. So we've already crossed a few things off of our Holiday Bucket List this year, but there's still so much more to enjoy! 

Here's our list (feel free to save/print if you need inspiration!):

As for holiday traditions, here are a few of the ones we've started:

*Every year we go to a holiday village about an hour away. It's completely decorated in lights and so magical. We actually got engaged there (10 years ago tomorrow!), and we've gone back every year since. We eat dinner and then stroll around looking at the lights, and usually grab a treat. It's my favorite.

*Hosting Christmas dinner. We've taken up hosting Christmas dinner for a few years now, and I really look forward to it. Happiness = those I love most gathered in my home.

*Driving around looking at lights with hot cocoa. Steve and I did this before we had kids, and we've done it every year since Carrington was born (even when she was just 2 weeks old!). We love to get some hot chocolate and drive around local neighborhoods taking in all of the lights.

*Bake Christmas cookies. My mother-in-law got us into this one! She's a big baker and we've been trying to keep up this tradition each year. We started the year Steve and I got married - I had my aunt, mom, and MIL over to bake cookies and it's such a fun memory. We baked and baked and then enjoyed our treats with glasses of eggnog at a folding table since we had no real furniture at the time. ;)

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Anything new on your bucket list this year?


  1. LOVE this. About time I write my personal and family bucket list too!

  2. Poor Haddie - I bet there were tears! Sorry to say this but it is the type of thing they remember for years - by the time she is 10 she might forget ;) I love your list - the drive and light show with hot cocoa is go great! Don't you just love the rituals that come with Christmas - and the simple pleasures are always the best. I love the idea of the holiday village too - as it is straight out of a Hallmark movie You must film, insta and blog about this - I will be soaking it up! Joanne xx

    1. Hahaha! I would actually like to think she'd remember it so she'd learn, but Steve and I were just commenting tonight that we don't think that's the case, as this morning she grabbed an ornament and broke it. Insert all of the wide-eyed emojis, haha. I do really love all of the rituals that come with the season, though. I'm such a believer in traditions! I'll take picture at the village and will be sure to recap. :) XO!


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