In Defense of Young Love

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Today marks 15 years of togetherness for Steve and me. 

We were talking about it last night and whether the time feels long or short, and as is usually the case, it feels both. It feels like all that time -- exactly half of a lifetime -- couldn't have possibly passed (a little scary to think it did so quickly!), and at the same time it really is hard to imagine a time when we weren't together. 

Young love often gets a bad rap. I get it. I've seen it not work out a million times, and I've heard all the arguments against it, like

you're so young, you'll grow apart,

you don't know what love is yet,

you'll miss out on so much.

And I understand. Logically, I've always understood these arguments and why people make them. I know that there are many young relationships that shouldn't last, and that these people will move on to find someone who is a better fit a little later in life. I can imagine guiding my own daughters this way.


If I didn't know what I know, like

it's possible to grow together instead of apart,

sometimes kids understand love more truly than adults,

you can make memories and build a life (you won't be missing out).

If it's right. Sometimes it's not, and sometimes it is. But if it is... why give up on it just because of age? There is something really beautiful about growing up together. I hope that if one of my daughters meets her person early on, I won't just dismiss it. If they love each other deeply, if they take care of one another, if they challenge each other in the best ways, if they support each other, if they have fun together and are silly together, if they can trust each other, if they can learn from one another, if they are giddy about the thought of a great big, wide open, full-of-possibilities life together. I hope I'll recognize that special spark if I see it, and remember that it is possible.

Half my lifetime later, I should know. :)


  1. My parents are high school sweethearts and are still together. They got together really young. It may be harder now, but it was the norm then. Congrats on being together 15 years. Your relationship is truly strong and I am glad you guys survived!!!

    1. Are they really?! That's so great to hear! Thanks so much! <3

  2. Mine too - my Mum was FIFTEEN when they got together. Andy and I have also been together for 15 years (this May) and have known each other since 16. I think if you are great friends and that forms the basis of your relationship first - the time just whizzes by and you only get closer! Congratulations on passing this milestone xx P.S. people love to give you advice when young but most people don't have a clue - everyone is so different and there shouldn't be 'rules' should there? Your story is what most of us aspire too - even from a young age most girls are looking for 'the one' - you were just lucky to hit the jackpot early on! :)

    1. That's incredible! I was 15 also. It's so inspiring to hear stories of couples who found each other so early on and are still going strong. :) Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary, too! It's absolutely something to celebrate.


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